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March 1, 2015

Walking in Morkiami

It has been almost a month since my last post and in this past month I have been trying to recover from the accident. Getting a concussion sucks. You think you get better then the headache comes back to annoy you. It was so hard to eat for about two weeks and it is still kind of hard to eat right now. Three of my teeth right in the front got knocked loose and one is still broken. Although, the broken one is temporarily fixed so I can smile a bit better. Smiling with my main front tooth being broken actually has broken down any insecurities I could have with my smile. I was too tired and worn out to care, I just smiled the best I could. I have been able to do a few small things. Being around really loud noises or going out and about for long periods of time makes me really tired and makes my head hurt. Nonetheless, I wanted to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air for my sanity.

Walking in Morikami 2

Valentine’s Day was one of the more peaceful days that I got to enjoy. I started to go back to work and being around a lot of people made me a bit stressed mentally so going to Morikami Gardens was nice. If you are ever in Boca Raton, Florida, make sure you come check out this garden. It is one of the better ones I have been to and this place actually has some Japanese history behind it. Since it was Valentine’s Day, this place was pretty packed. Something that I want to try next time I come here is the tea ceremony demonstration. They offer a class on how to have a proper Japanese Tea Ceremony and from what I saw, the interactive class is pretty cool. They also have a really cute cafe where you can enjoy a nice Japanese styled lunch while you are at the garden as well.

Morikami Pond

From where the cafe is, you have a very good view of the whole garden and the pond the garden surrounds. What I liked about this place were the high trees and the architecture. They tried to make the buildings pretty similar to the Asian architecture with the curved roofs and the styling of the pond. I wished there were more flowers in bloom when I came though. It might be because it was technically “winter” in Florida so maybe that is why there were not that many flowers. The landscape was nice but one of my favorite parts was when my boyfriend and I decided to take a stroll down this path that was a bit secluded from the main gardens.

Morikami Forest 2

Even though it was a Japanese garden, the path that we were following actually started to look more jungle like. I thought it was kind of funny but the forest I was looking at reminded me of the scene in UP when Russell and Mr. Fredricksen are stuck in the jungle. It was very quiet here and that is what I enjoyed the most. It would have been a bit unnerving if I was by myself because it was so quiet but my boyfriend and I enjoyed the peaceful silence. Noise never really bothered me until recently and going from the buzzing noise to absolute silence was like a breathe of fresh air.

Morikami Garden
In the end the path led to no where and on the way back we saw another piece of the garden that was a representation of the way the Japanese culture style their gardens.ย There were ย circular formations on the ground and from what I know about this, I believe it has to do with tranquility. It is suppose to resemble the ripples in the water.

This was the highlight of my month thus far and more exciting things will be happening soon. It is my boyfriend and I’s birthday month along with our anniversary! Also, he will be accompanying me on my next adventure to the cold North! I am determined to get back into my activities and I will not let this little incident get in the way!

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