The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself

March 3, 2015

FDR Memorial


With my upcoming trip to the winter blazing city that is New York, I wanted to look back on a trip I took before I started this blog. Back in November, I went to Washington DC and that trip made me realize how much I wanted to leave Florida and move up to the North East. The last time I was in Washington DC I was in middle school so coming back was nostalgic but I appreciated the beauty more this time around. There were three places I did not visit as a child and did as an adult. These places were the Franklin Roosevelt Memorial, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, and The National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden. Everything was beautiful in the Fall but coming back in the Spring for the cherry blossoms will be something on my to do list.

Jefferson Memorial

Washington Monument

My favorite memorial had to be Franklin Roosevelt’s. His memorial had his words embedded into the walls and a lot of these words makes you realize how much has changed since his time. A very well known quote by him that I took to heart was “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. Even though I have heard of this quote, seeing it embedded in the stone so up close made it more raw and pulled at my heart strings. Everyone has experienced the feeling of fear sometime in their lives. There a lot of things I fear about, some more than others but the feeling is all the same. The quote lingered in my mind and made me reflect on my readings about how shame results in fear. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself but we would not have these fears if we eliminated the shame.


Korean War Memorial

Those historical words etched into stone inspired and motivated me a bit more to let go of fear. There are certain things I used to fear which I have come to let go of. I have started to travel a bit more and I have found exploring places the locals go to is the most charming form of fun. In Washington DC, my boyfriend and I reserved a day to find the hidden gems. Renting bikes and biking everywhere gave us an opportunity to explore the outskirts of the city. The bikes made it easy to look for yummy food places to fill up our hungry stomachs and we were able to cover more ground than by feet.

Art Sculpture

Fall Trees

You could say Fall in Washington DC gave me the travel bug. Not only that but it made me become more aware. Instead of taking in my surroundings with just a glance, I take a moment and let the colors fill my eyes and mind. The last time I was in New York I was also in middle school so I am looking forward to seeing if this trip will be just as inspiring as the one I took in the Fall.

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