The French Quarter

January 4, 2016

St. Louis Church

For  Christmas, my family and I took a last minute trip down to good ol’ Louisiana. I was in New Orleans a couple years ago after hurricane Katrina hit. The city was still rebuilding itself and it still is today. While New Orleans is known for it’s Mardi Gras festivities and beignets, there are plenty of other family friendly activities you can enjoy. Since it was Christmas weekend, a lot of tours were already booked so I just had to go with the flow.

NOLA Architecture 2

Throughout my trip, I noticed that I was having trouble really getting the photos I wanted and my sister was having the same problem. After going on the St. Louis Cemetery tour (they offer free tours, pay what you like!), I found out that New Orleans is slowly sinking and the ground is constantly shifting the buildings and its foundations. That was why when I was trying to take photos, it did not look proportional to my eye. Consequently, that was also the beauty I found here.

Italian Tomb

Marie Laveu

NIcolas cage

It might be odd but I find tombs and mausoleums to be quite interesting. If you have read my New York post, you would know that I also visited the Sleepy Hollow cemetery where Washington Irving was buried. At St. Louis cemetery, there are a good handful of historical figures who have been buried there and one of them is depicted in American Horror Story! Marie Laveau was a lady who practiced voodoo back during the french colonial era. She has multiple suspected tombs but the second picture above is where it states she was buried. People still give her offerings today (ex. beauty products). Interestingly enough, Nicolas Cage also has a tomb that he built back in 2010 located here. There have been conspiracy theories as to why it is in a shape of a pyramid but if you go to the cemetery, you will notice that there are numerous other tombs in this pyramidal shape.

St. Louis Cemetery

That morning before we went to go see the city’s light festival, my family and I drove to Biloxi, Mississippi to check out the town since a lot of places in New Orleans were closed. We stopped at this restaurant on the shore that was hit by hurricane Katrina and hearing the owner talk about how he rebuilt his restaurant after it was hit definitely left an impression on me.

Now you see me

Oak Tree

On our way back, we stopped by the park for the light festival. If you are ever in New Orleans for Christmas, this light festival was pretty spectacular. They have oak trees that are all lined with lights and it made me felt like I was in a winter wonderland without the snow! Another fun fact I stumbled upon was the carousel in the movie “Now You See Me” is located in this park!

Overall, it was a relaxing trip. I ate a lot of alligator and drank a lot of cafe au lait. Next time I will definitely see how crazy it gets during Mardi Gras! With that, I leave you with a picture of some yummylicious beignets!!


Thanks for reading! Check out my photo gallery to see all of the photos I have taken throughout my trips!




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    1. Great post! I’m also fascinated by old cemeteries, including this one in New Orleans. That’s crazy to know people leave goodies for Marie Laveau, but after seeing American Horror Story and knowing what she’s capable, I guess I would too now haha.

      1. Thank you so much for the read and the follow! The architecture of these old cemeteries are pretty amazing especially if you consider how many people they can fit in one tomb! Marie Laveau’s tomb held around 80-100 people since she opened up her burial for people who could not afford their own.

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