The Emerald City

October 17, 2015

Alki Beach

Even though I have moved around bit, I will always call the Emerald City my home. Washington state is known for its depressing rain but I think people tend to overlook the beautiful evergreen scenery that engulfs this state. Back in August, my sister and I had our first sister trip together and we decided to go back to Seattle, Washington. I visit Seattle every couple of years but my most recent trip back has given me the urge to move back to the pacific northwest.

Pikes Place

Pikes Place

Of course our first destination was Pike Place Market. Unlike other fresh markets, Pike Place has this hipster charm about it. You will smell flowers, coffee, french pastries, fish, and the ocean all in one inhale. It is a very touristy area, which makes it hard to find parking to enjoy the different hidden eateries that are on the top floor of the surrounding buildings. The first Starbucks is located in Pike Place Market and the lines there are ridiculously long. I know it is for the experience but I assure you there are other coffee shops that are just as good and even better located in the marketplace! Wandering away from the hustle and bustle, there is another hidden gem in this city that is snuck far down cobblestone walkways under the marketplace.

Gum Wall

Gum Wall

Gum, gum, gum! Under the marketplace is where you will find the hidden gum wall! You would not know it was there just by walking along the main street above. Honestly, it was kind of gross but pretty cool at the same time. I did not put gum on the wall since I did not have gum but this is a must see when visiting Seattle!

University of Washington

University of Washington

Another place I always visit is my parent’s alma mater, the University of Washington. This school is one of the most stunning campuses I have ever been to. The campus is surrounded by greenery and in the distance you can see Mt. Rainer. Since I went in August, the cherry blossoms were not in season but the campus is engulfed in pink during the spring time!

One of my goals when I went back was to conquer another national park so I could mark it off my list. I have been to Mt. Rainer many times before but I wanted to capture it in a photo this time around for documentation purposes. Washington has three national parks which include Mt. Rainer, Olympic National Park, and North Cascades National Park. Due to time constraints, I was not able to go to North Cascades and Mt. Rainer.

Knowing me, you know I needed to get some outdoor adventures in. That is why you must check back soon for my exhilarating trek through Snoqualmie Falls and the Olympic National Park!


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