Sweet Southern Ol’ Savannah

July 21, 2016

One of the nice things about living in the south is that everything is just sweet. You got the sweet southern hospitality, the people are sweet, you get called sweety all the time, and lets not forget about the sweet tea (my favorite)! Aside from that, the south also has an abundance amount of history. There are cities that have been heavily shaped by the passing of time and the haunting of the past is displayed everywhere you go. These cities have stayed true to their roots and have withstood the changing of time. With that, I introduce you to sweet ol’ Savannah.

Historic steps

Savannah is located in Georgia and it is known for being one of the oldest cities in America. For July 4th weekend, my boyfriend and I took a road trip up to this city to see what it was all about. It took a little over 6 hours to get to our destination in the historic district from South Florida. Upon arrival, we checked into our haunted hotel at 17 Hundred 90 Inn! According to the locals, this hotel is the most haunted place in Savannah (scary I know!). We didn’t stay in the main building, which is the building that is haunted. Our room was located across the street in the guest room area and the room was like a blast from the past.

17 Hundred 90

The room had Victorian era furniture and you can see this style of architecture and interior design throughout the historic district of Savannah. I am a chicken when it comes to all things haunted so I had my boyfriend check under the bed and we had to sleep with the TV on the first night! The first and second day involved a lot of wandering through local shops and eateries. The city itself has a lot of parks (like one every block) to walk through so you have natural shading during majority of your walks. During one of our walks, we stopped at a playground to swing and we found out later that the spot was the dueling grounds when dueling was legal. This is located right next to the Colonial Park Cemetery.

Colonial Cemetery

To quench our thirst, my boyfriend and I decided to partake in afternoon tea! I wish this was something I could do all the time. Afternoon tea gives you time to wind down the day and enjoy a delicious mid-day snack while you are at it. We enjoyed our cups of tea at the Gryphon Tea Room. You will drool at the interior design if you are a book fanatic because there were books lining the walls throughout the room. The soft classical music in the background complemented the grayness of the afternoon rain and tea aroma, making for a delightful experience.

Gryphon Tea Room

Gryphon Tea Room Books

Grypon Tea Room Pastries

The highlight of the trip was just being able to walk around and enjoy the atmosphere of the city. I like doing tours so we did a historic and haunted tour of the city. We toured the haunted house of  Juliette Gordon Low (woman who founded the girl scouts) and immersed in the ghost stories of that house. My favorite highlight was our personal tour of Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. This mini tour just happened by chance but it was a very informing experience for me. I am a Buddhist and am always interested in learning about other religions so I am always excited to learn more when I visit different cathedrals and temples on my trips. The architecture and murals were breathtaking and you could feel the sound of the organ resonating throughout body.

Olde Pink House

While being a tourist is important. I can’t forget about eating! We sampled different eateries like the famous Olde Pink House, the restaurant inside the 17 Hundred 90 Inn, and Treylor Park restaurant. The Olde Pink House lets you tour the house after your meal and each room had a different interior design style. Dinner time was packed so we had lunch here. Lunch was delicious and the dinner menu looked equally as yummy! Coffee enthusiast? There is this cute little place called Mirabelle Cafe that sells delicious Vietnamese style coffee. It is right across the street from Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.

St John the Baptist Cathedral

St John the Baptist Organ

St John the Baptist Main Area


Blends and Coffee BoutiqueOn our last day, we stopped at Forsyth Park, which showcased walkways under the Spanish Moss trees. This park had a very romantic feel so we stopped for some photo ops before driving over to Tybee Island to see the lighthouse. This lighthouse is one of the seven remaining colonial era lighthouses and has 178 steps that you can climb. We climbed those steps and boy was I out of shape. I guess it didn’t help that I was in a dress and sandals but nonetheless the climb was hot and tiring but the view the town and ocean from above was spectacular.

Forsyth Park Walkway

Tybee Island Lighthouse

Tybee Island View

Tybee Lighthouse View

Overall my first trip to Georgia was fantastic. Minus the humidity and scorching weather, it was a charming and delightful experience. Savannah is actually very similar to St. Augustine. They are both very old historic and quint. You can check out my post on St. Augustine here. I hope you enjoyed reading my experience and I recommend you visit this town soon!

Catch ya’ll later sweet thangs!

Yours truly, Linh

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