Sasquatch Territory

November 6, 2015

  Snoqualmie Falls

My sister, cousin, and I decided to go to hiking at Snoqualmie Falls to see the wonders of Mother Nature. Hiking along the trails was pretty fun because you would randomly see signs like the one above. Did you know the story of Sasquatch indicates the sighting of Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest?

Snoqualmie Falls

It was a fairly easy hike down the mountain. Once you get to the bottom, you have the option of taking the boardwalk to see the waterfall or going down to the river. We did both and once we got to the river, we saw some people walking towards the waterfall but there was no clear path to get there.

Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls

I hate not being prepared. Especially on hiking trips. After much persuasion from my sister, we decided to cross the river with all of our electronics, camera gear, and belongings wrapped around our necks. Irresponsible I know BUT these make the best stories (nervous laugh)! We had no bag what so ever to help carry our stuff. On top of that, the river was flowing more rapidly and there was moss on the rocks. The water was waste deep so that made it hard to balance. After the struggling to get through the water, we made it to the other side!

 Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls

I like instant gratification. It makes me feel good. I definitly was satisfied when I saw the waterfall and all its glory up close. We climbed the boulders and I had to take my obligatory jumping picture. This was all fun and giggles until we heard this siren go off. You know those sirens in scary or thriller movies signaling something scary is about to happen? That’s what I heard. Every movie with that noise flashed through my mind and I got into Hunger Games mode. Was the dam about to open up and let all the water out?! Were they about to release wild animals into our area?! Who knows?! Survival instincts kicked in and we had to GO. I started hurrying my sister and we were trying to rush back but of course there were rocks everywhere. It was kind of hysterical because we could see little dots of people staring down at us while we were frantically trying to get to safety. Well TURNS OUT….it was the sound of a train. A train that had a horn of a siren for some odd reason.  So I am a paranoid person, what can I say. Olympia


After reading through some of my stories you could conclude that I am a bit reckless but I like to think my paranoia makes up for that. Another area my sister and I explored was the Olympic National Park. As you know I am on a mission to explore all of the National Parks and I had to get this one off my list. I was not able to hike here but that will be something I will do when I go back again. Overall, I hope you enjoyed my pictures during my trip back to Seattle, Washington!

Stay tuned for my mini trip adventures!


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