Salad Party into Healthy Eating!

February 1, 2016

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I want to share with you something I think everyone should try…

Recently, my friend invited me to a salad party. I know what you might be thinking, “a whhatttt?”. Yes, a SALAD party! After attending my first salad party, I realized that this kind of event was a hot new trend. Who wouldn’t want to make healthy meals for the week while sipping on some fresh tea (or mimosas!) with some of your girlfriends? The first time I went it was everyone’s first time participating. By the time we were done, everyone had packed at least 5-6 mason jars full of fresh salads! This is really convenient because you have basically meal prepped lunch for the week in a matter of 1-2 hours. Also, you get to meet new people! The two times I have participated so far, I have met different groups of women and this kind of party creates an opportunity to network with people in your community!

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On my first go around, carrots were a very popular ingredient (haha). We didn’t really coordinate so everyone brought a bundle of carrots. Today, I went to another salad party and we were more prepared this time. There was a greater variety of ingredients which gave everyone the opportunity to be a bit more creative with their salads! Everything was fresh, organic, and colorful. Some of the girls even made their own dressing!

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SP Aerial View 3So you’re probably wondering how this thing works. For starters, gather a group of friends together! Everyone should bring some ingredients that they like and containers to store their salads (preferably 24-32 ounce mason jars). I also recommend having some masking tape and sharpies to put your name on your mason jars. After prepping the ingredients, the fun begins!

SP diagramThe diagram above gives you an outline of how you should stack your mason jar. I think mason jars are a good idea because there are measurement markers on the jar. You can use that to help you proportion your dressing and toppings. Dressing goes on the bottom, moisture resistant veggies, other veggies, protein, and then your salad greens, crunchy bits, and pasta.

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You don’t have to follow this to the T. The whole point of this is to get creative with how you want your salads but as long as the dressing is far away from your greens, it won’t get soggy! You can shake the salad and eat it in the mason jar or pour it onto a plate. Easy as(s) salad! As you can see, this is a budget friendly, easy, and fun way to meal prep for the week. Not to mention, it makes for a great photo op! Don’t wait too long to have one of these parties yourself! Comment below and let me know what you like in your salad!

Thank-you for reading!

Yours truly, Linh

    1. The photos really capture how amazing everything looked yesterday, and it tastes even better. I really enjoy that we can all come together and promote healthy eating and wellness. Thanks to Juice Plus for sharing the idea, Inspiring Healthy Living around the world…keep the movement going!

    1. This sounds like fun to me!! I’ve seen the mason jar salads, but haven’t made any yet! That might need to change!!

      1. Hi Allison,

        It is really fun! Having everyone bring a couple of items really lowers the cost for prepping these salads and the masons jars allow the salad to sit for a good amount of time! Please share and repost to encourage others to join in on this salad party movement! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

        Love, Linh

    1. Oh my I love this! What a great post and a great idea. Your photos are just beautiful as well. So glad to find you. I’m inspired!

      1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post Tracy! Definitely give this idea a try! I saw a post for a yogurt party and that is something I am contemplating about doing. I am glad this was able to inspire you! 🙂

        Love, Linh

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