In Old New York: Parte Tres

May 2, 2015

I think every blogger has gone through those weeks where getting a blog post in just seemed impossible. That is currently my situation. The past couple of weeks and this next month is an important time period for me so I have been busy meeting the demands of my life goals. Although it has been busy, I still wanted to share the continuation of my time in New York! So here we go with parte tres!

The Bronx

Sleepy Hollow

Noise, noise, noise. That is all you hear when you are in the city. Noise on the subway. Noise in the streets. Noise in your head. It is everywhere. You never notice how noise just consumes your whole being until you are left to your own thoughts in silence. That was how it was when I rode the subway out of the city. The farther I got away, the less noise I could hear. Sleepy Hollow was my destination and it is located far North away from the city.

I got off in Brooklyn where my boyfriend and I were lost. I did not want to look like I was lost but we could not find the train to no avail. It was kind of funny because when we would ask for help, people gave us strange stares when I mentioned I was trying to find the train to Sleepy Hollow. Yes, the town where the myth and legend of the headless horseman lies. I guess no one just goes and looks for Sleepy Hollow (laughs). I like this kind of stuff though. Going to visit places I have read in books is like being able to walk into the book itself.

Sleepy Hollow Grave

After finding the train, we headed towards the old town of Sleepy Hollow! The train ride there was smooth, quiet, and relaxing. My feet were not used to the excessive city walking so being able to relax on the train was a treat! It was so quiet once we got there that it was kind of unnerving. Let me just start off by saying this whole adventure to Sleepy Hollow was just funny and the stuff that happened when were there just makes me laugh. It was just one of those things where stuff could have been planned out a bit better. Instead of taking public transportation to the cemetery like normal people, my boyfriend and I were walking in the streets looking like hitchhikers.

Washington Irving

When we arrived, the cemetery allowed visitors to go in and check out the area. I was scared that the ground was going to consume me when I was walking on the mushed dirt path. My mission was to find Washington Irving’s grave. The writer who created the legend. His grave ended up being on the other side of the cemetery but the walk there was interesting because I got to see graves that have been there for over 200 years! Also, I like the designs of mausoleums and there were A LOT of those at this cemetery. Washington Irving’s family and himself are all buried in a plot on the South end of the cemetery and once I got to the end my next mission was to find the legendary bridge.

Not far from the cemetery is the bridge where the headless horseman rode his horse across. It was closed off so I could not get to the bridge but I was able to get to a field across the pond to get a wonderful snapshot of the bridge an the house. The history behind the whole city is something to look into in and of itself. This was probably one of my favorite moments in New York and it gets me excited to go to another town full of folklore and mystery, Salem. I definitely recommend a little side trip here if you are ever in New York and are interested in all things mysterious and legendary.

Look for the last part of In Old New York soon! 

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