In Old New York: Parte Dos

April 13, 2015

Meow Parlour
One of the places in New York that made me really giddy was the Meow Parlour. I am a fan of cats and this place provided both cafe and cats! Score! This cute little cafe is nestled right in Chinatown and I stopped by this place after eating dim sum nearby. This place is very clean and you can either make a reservation or do a walk-in. Once you get inside, you can immediately see the cats lounging or running around the place. If you do not play around with cats that often, this is a wonderful place to relax for a little before you head out and distress!

Meow Parlour 2
At this point in the trip, I was already getting exhausted from running around so this place was a nice change of pace for an hour. The cats were all very friendly and some were a bit shy. The cats that were here were also up for adoption. If you end up falling in love with one, you can see if they are available for adoption. There were not that many cats at this location but the organization that supports this cafe have other cats available for adoption.

American Natural History Museum
Next on list was the American Natural History Museum. To me, museums have similar exhibits but the cool thing about this spot was the architecture. The main display at the American Natural History was the skeleton of the long neck dinosaur as compared to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History where the main display is the ginormous elephant. There were A LOT of exhibits but going to see how they display their exhibits alone is worth it. The other main display was of the blue whale and that area was closed off by the time I got to that section.

NY Public Library
If you go here you definitely need more than the two hours that I gave myself. This is like a almost half day ordeal. The New York Public Library was next on my list and it was definitely the most breathtaking library I have seen thus far! I love libraries and old architecture so these two together was a dream come true. I could spend hours in this library and still not have the urgency to leave. Roaming the hallways of this library made me feel like I was exploring the hallways at Hogwarts.

Grand Central
Another place full of wonderful architecture and buzz is Grand Central Station. Here you will find all of the hustle and bustle but if you are like me, you can just hangout at the steps and take in how grand this place is. Grand Central Station has a really beautiful arch ceiling and painted on this ceiling are astronomical zodiacs. The color of the celing is a bit faded so it is hard to decipher what you are looking at. Maybe it is just me but it was really hard for my to really see what i was looking at.

My nights in New York usually end around eleven or midnight since I have to hop on the bus back to New Jersey. Usually around that time I am exhausted anyways from hauling ass and walking everywhere.

Check back soon for In Old New York: Parte Tres!

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