In Old New York: Parte Cuatro

June 1, 2015

Food. Food. Food. My last days in New York consisted of eating as much delicious food as my tummy could handle. I have the biggest sweet tooth so finding all of the yummy sweets in the city was something I had to do before I left. A dessert that I kept coming back to in New York was the cereal milk at the Momofuku Milk Bar.

Milk Bar
A dessert than can be eaten for breakfast or just as a dessert is a mega-winner in my eyes. Also, it does not hurt that cereal is my favorite breakfast food.  This concotion tastes just like cereal and milk but suprisingly not that sweet. The price is a bit steep for a small whip of soft serve and cereal flakes but for the experience, I highly recommend eating as much as your heart desires while you are in New York. You have to be careful though because there are only three locations that offer this delightful treat.



The place I was dying to try was the French bakery Laduree. The aroma when you first get into this place just gets you excited for the macaron goodness that awaits you. What is cute about this place is the employees dress up in French bakery outfits, which gives you the feeling that you are actually in France. I got the box of six flavors and what is also cool is that you get to choose the color of your box. The box is pretty stylish and I currently use mine to hold chalk for my chalkboard. My boyfriend’s favorite is the rose petal flavor and I just could not decide which was my favorite. All of the flavors were splendid! If you are ever in Florida, there is also a location in Miami as well.

Chelsea Market
As weird as it sounds, one of my favorite places while in New York was Chelsea Market. Located in Chelsea neighborhood in the borough of Manhattan, this market place can be compared to Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington. Tex-mex, Asian fusion, seafood, you name it and Chelsea has it. Chelsea Market is a big network that houses restaurants, produce, meats, and food products made and sold by local vendors. The restaurants also use these local vendors to make their food. The food here was beyond amazing and is a place I will surely come back to.

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My trip starting winding down and I spent one of my last days at the Museum of Modern Art. This place is free on Fridays from 4-8PM. So if you are traveling on a budget, this would be a good time for you to go and browse through the galleries. Be forewarned that during this time it is crowded and very claustrophobic inside, especially in the smaller rooms. The MOMA is a very BIG museum and offers displays with different mediums. Personally, I enjoy looking at more classical Renaissance style art but looking at the different dimensions of the exhibits was interesting in and of itself.

New York is a city where you can wing it and explore or use an itinerary to plan your trip. Some tips if you are traveling on a budget:

  1. Plan out where you want to go and group places in similar areas on the map. This will help reduce subway and any transportation costs.
  2. If you like museums, the MOMA and MET offer deals that allow you to enjoy for free. MOMA is free on Fridays from 4-8PM and the MET is based on donations.
  3. At new restaurants, order small dishes and share amongst friends.

My next adventure will be with my sister back in our hometown of Seattle, Washington! I am excited to finish school, graduate, and enjoy my summer before the school year starts up again!

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