Grandest of the Grand

January 23, 2015

Grand Canyon

The most wonderful and most beautiful place I saw during this trip was seeing how grand the Grand Canyon was. After my night in Fresno, I finally made it to the Grand Canyon. By the time I got to the hotel area right outside the park, the sun was starting to set. I was able to get a quick preview of the scenery when I did a quick drive through and again I could not believe my eyes. If I was blown away from the scenery during nightfall, I was definitely blown away the next day during the daylight hours. The next morning I drove back into the park to venture and see what was out in the great distance. I was on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon because the North Rim was closed due to snowing conditions. If I thought I knew what cold was…I was wrong. The Grand Canyon obviously wanted to show me the real meaning of “cold”.

Airplane Ride Above Canyon
The Grand Canyon is located in Arizona and is one of the fifteen oldest national parks in the United States. The Colorado River runs through the canyon and during the summer time you can actually river raft in the river. Obviously, I could not do that during the winter but I totally would if it was allowed. A really cool thing I got to do though for the first time was fly in one of those propeller planes over the Grand Canyon. The tour over the Grand Canyon gave a brief run through of the history of the canyon and the various parts of the park.

Grand Canyon
While flying over the canyon, I was able to get some pretty cool shots from the sky. One of my favorite photos is the one where you can see the Colorado River running through the canyon. The canyon is so intricate and seeing the layers building upon layers to make these mountainous peaks is pretty amazing. It makes you wonder how mother nature is able to carve out and make such a beautiful natural painting for the people of the world to see. If I thought the Hoover Dam looked unreal, the Grand Canyon looked even more unimaginable. Everyone was right when they said that “looking at the Grand Canyon is like looking at someone’s painting”.
Different parts of the Grand Canyon reflected and showed variations of different colors. The rocks that form the Grand Canyon are actually limestone, sandstone, and shale which is mudstone. An interesting fact is that the Grand Canyon was molded and sculpted from volcanic activity. Everything was very awe-inspiring and was a breath of fresh air from the clustered city life in South Florida. Overall, this trip made me appreciate the rougher parts of nature and helped me see that there is beauty all around no matter where you are.

Standing over the grand canyon

I only stayed a day in the Grand Canyon since a lot of the trails were still very slick with ice and that made it hard to climb parts of the mountain. I will have to come back during the summer time to really enjoy the greatness of this place to its full potential. My day was cut short due to the long drive back to San Francisco. My little adventure down the Sierra Nevada was coming to an end and I had to finish it the only way I knew how…by getting lost in the forest and almost falling into a pit that was in a cave…

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    1. Wow! Gorgeous pictures! I can’t believe you got to fly in one of those planes over the Grand Canyon, that’s on my bucket list! I love your last line about getting lost in the forest and almost falling into a pit. I was cracking up. That sounds like it could be it’s own blog post! lol Can’t wait to read more about your journey!

      1. Thanks! If you do end up doing that you should definitely fly in a helicopter instead! You’ll get a better experience than the propeller plane. Haha that was my plan with that last line xD Thanks for the follow and can’t wait to read more about yours as well!

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