Food nurtures the soul and is also a tool that can bring the best of strangers together. The feeling of content, satisfaction, and utter happiness can be achieved from just a whiff of a wonderful aroma. Throughout my teen and college years, I never bothered to learn how to cook. Spaghetti was my specialty and packaged ramen was my go to lazy meal. My body during those years might have been able to handle all the carbs and salty foods but as I got older I started feeling the changes.

After college I started graduate school and since I was far away from home, I did not have my mom cooking my meals for the week. Graduate school was my full-time job and for the first year I was too lazy to cook. Not only that, I was a disaster in the kitchen. When Linh is in the kitchen, explosions happen! Fast forward to the present, I like to think I can cook pretty well now and actually enjoy trying out new recipes. My time is limited due to attending graduate school and working full-time so I had to do something to accommodate my schedule. Lucky me, I got a crock pot for Christmas! It has been a life changer and I hope to share recipes I have found to be very student friendly or it can be for anyone who are just too tired to go crazy in the kitchen!  Follow along for budget friendly easy-step recipes and snippets of delicious eateries that will inspire your tastebuds and your soul!


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