Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Cards!

February 6, 2016

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Vday Card Step 1To me, Valentine’s Day is a day to spread love everywhere. Last year for Valentine’s Day, I decided to give all my co-workers a flower with a little note that encouraged the expression of love and appreciation to their loved ones. These easy DIY Valentine’s Day cards are budget friendly and do not take a whole lot of time to make. I was able to get all my supplies and some for a little over $20 (find coupons for your local Michaels!).


  • Card stock paper (I bought a pack of all black Recollections paper. One pack of 50 sheets was $3.33)
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Blank cards and envelopes (I bought the Recollections value pack that came with 25 cards. At Michaels they have buy one, get one 50% off)
  • Black Pen (My pen is actually made from Murano glass and you dip the glass in ink to write. It is not a calligraphy pen but imitates the nib of a calligraphy pen)
  • Calligraphy Pen (I used a pilot parallel calligraphy pen)

Vday Card Step 2

Vday Card Step 4

I will do an example of one of the cards that I made that requires all of these materials.

Step 1: Start with a piece of card stock paper and fold the paper until you get about a 1/2 inch strip, however you can choose how thick you want your strip.

Step 2: Use the scissors to cut the strip and paste it to the bottom of the card.

Vday Card Step 3Step 3: You are going to write a message across the card. If you are not good with spacing while free hand writing, I recommend using a ruler and lightly draw 5 lines, 1/2 inch apart (start 1/2 inch from the top). Once you have created your lines, on the first line write “All” to the very left (use your creativity, you don’t have to write in cursive!).

Step 4: To create an evenly spaced indent look, measure 1 inch from the first letter of the previous word you wrote. For example, when you are ready to write “you”, measure 1 inch from the letter A of “All”. Do that for all of the words until you get to “Love”.

Step 5: Draw a little curvy line above the tip of where the E from “Love” ends to create a little heart balloon. Use the pilot calligraphy pen to create a smooth heart shape for a clean classic whimsical look!

**Note: I added some light red outline to the word”Love” to give it a pop from the other words.

**PS: I was too excited to take picture of the final product, I accidentally smeared my O >.<

Vday Card Final

If you like the mustache one, you will do Step 1 and Step 2 the same. The extra piece of black paper you will get after pasting the strip will allow you to draw a little mustache. Cut out the mustache and paste that wherever you would like. I personally put mine to the far right so my words could be more balanced.

Vday Card Final2As you can see, these cards are simple and easy, easy, easy! I made the Star Wars one for my boyfriend and he loved the simplicity of the card. These cards are great for friends, co-workers, lovers, or anyone who might need a pick me up.

Hoped you enjoyed my little tutorial. Check back soon for more easy and fun DIY projects!

Yours truly, Linh

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