Dreams to Reality

I don’t really like the term bucket list. Instead, I want to turn my adventure dreams to reality and I WILL. What are your dreams?

  • skydiving
  • obtain a USPA “A” license for solo skydiving
  • swim in a cage with sharks (the sharks are obviously outside of the cage >.<)
  • bungee jump off a bridge
  • hang gliding
  • back pack around Europe
  • go rock climbing in the mountains
  • conquer all of the US National Parks (see Conquering the 59)
  • scuba dive in open water
  • go snowboarding
  • visit Japan, Korea, China, and Thailand
  • white water rafting
  • zip lining
  • walk across a crazy long suspension bridge (something like the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge)
  • milk a cow
  • learn to surf
  • swim in the Dead Sea

This list will continue to grow with the sparks of my inspirations!


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