CHI-Town Charm

March 5, 2015

Chicago Streets

Chicago Subway

Chicago was my first city traveling alone without any parental guidance. When I was in my later teens, I always saw other people I went to school with traveling and being able to experience that with all of their friends. I was on a tight reign in high school and throughout college. Going on road trips and going to other cities with friends was a definite “no”. That is why this trip was a pretty momentous moment for me. Traveling with family is nice but there is that perk of traveling alone. You haveย travel freedom!


Chicago Symphony

I went on this trip with a friend. Traveling in small groups or with just a companion is the best form of travel. You don’t have to wait for anybody and deal with conflicting opinions. You just go. Of course it is so much easier to travel on the subway with a small to non-existent group. Public transportation in the cold weather was something fun for a first-timer like me. Hauling my suitcase up and down the stairs, through security check, and through the timed subway doors gave me adrenaline rushes! What I loved most about Chicago was the food and the architecture of the city. There was so much variety of foods compared to Miami I wish I could have stayed a bit longer just to eat.

Chicago Skyline
To me, the architecture of the older buildings had history embedded in them but can’t be seen by the naked eye. The city of Chicago is a mix of old and new and that is what makes it such a charming city. It was snowing when I went and seeing the city and lake covered in a white blanket felt like I was in a snow globe.ย The main attractions in Chicago are the Willis Tower (also knownย as Sears Tower) and “The Bean” (actually called Cloud Gate). If you are ever in Chicago make sure you check out these two iconic landmarks and jump in the see through box that extends out of the building!

Skyline Jump

Jumping inside the box was funny because when I announced out loud I was going to jump in it, everyone in the box moved out of the way so I was able to take a picture by myself! The Bean is definitely a unique piece of art that reflects the city. You can go under it and take funny pictures or just hold it up like I did. Either way this is a must stop when you are exploring the city.

The Bean

I noticed that so far, all my trips have been during the cold weather. If you are not a fan of humidity and sweat, traveling around November and March to places normally humid during the summer is the perfect time. The weather does not get too cold during these months and is still mangeable. I could be wrong but so far everything has been the best when it is slightly more cold outside. I leave for New York tomorrow so I can’t wait to update everyone on my adventure in the city that never sleeps.

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