An Open Letter to My Precious

August 28, 2017

Dear Pwecious,

I had to put in the title ‘Precious’ because I can’t have people thinking I am super weird right off the bat.  Even if people think I am weird, I am fine with it though because I will always have you by my side to accept me for who I am.  First off, HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY! You have finally reached a new milestone in your life and I am SO ECSTATIC to FINALLY start this next stage of our lives together – legal and semi-adulting.  Last night as I was studying for my exam, I was counting down the minutes until it was midnight in Texas and it made me think about how time is just so fleeting.

You might not remember but two decades + one year ago, you were brought into this world (did you like how I made it seem like it was SO LONG ago?).  I remember walking the hallways of the hospital with dad to come and welcome you into this world.  I know you have heard this many times but you were quite the difficult little one.  You were now the baby of the family and I had to accept that you will now forever be the spoiled one.  I used to love snuggling with you and tickling you until you would screech with laughter.  Actually, nothing has really changed but I definitely would say the reaction is not the same when I do those things now!

Then you hit your pre-teen years…

I remember when you were in elementary school, you were such a cranky child.  You had so much sass it made me quite frustrated when I would talk to you.  I was growing up too so sassing you right back was all my teenage angst self knew how to do.  I knew sometimes my words were a little harsh but I was too prideful then to say sorry.  I was also the mischievous older sibling.  I liked playing pranks and teasing you, and I remember you would get so so mad at me for it.  I hope you know by now the pranks will never go away (hehe) but I will say sorry and ask you open-ended questions so you can express yourself to me (my pharmacy training has taught me well).  Those were the quiet years, when all you had to worry about was recess and whether you got regular or chocolate milk for lunch.  Then slowly but surely time passed by.  I watched you transition into your teenage years along with the many phases that went with it.

Being four years apart is actually an interesting age gap.  As an older sibling, it gave me a lot of nostalgia every time you told me about your day at school.  You were transforming into a sassy teenager and I had to transition into this weird role of a being protector/role model.  Did I know what I was doing when I was growing up?  Not really.  I just took everything in stride and hoped I was a good enough example for you to follow.  Maybe my role was supposed to be your “second mom” but in reality we know you were more of my protector during my teenage years.  We were not that close during our pre-teen and teenager years since I was more absorbed with living up my high school days but I distinctively remember the moment that changed when I left for college.

Ever since I left home after starting college, you have been my rock.  It makes me sad knowing I have missed five of your birthdays and various milestones in your life but I know that will change in the near future.  In the blink of an eye, you have survived high school and graduated college!  You always say I am your role model but in all honesty you have shaped my world more than you know (just an FYI – having younger siblings really teaches you a level of patience and understanding).  You might feel lost right now but life is wonderful in that there are many roads you can take.  Even if you feel like no one is there to support you, know that I will always be there.  You have grown so much and I could not be more proud of the woman you are becoming.  You deserve the best so enjoy today because your 20s is going to take you on one hell of a ride.

Love you mija!

P.S. I may or may not have been tearing while writing this.


Your Pwecious

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