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Hello and welcome to Finding Linh! My name is Linh (pronounced Lynn) and I currently reside in Washington State.

I am a person with many interests, which I think stems from my curiosity of the world. However, I think food and traveling is something a lot of people have in common. I have found that I have connected with a lot of people through these interests and wanted to share these moments through my blog. That is why I started Finding Linh!  Finding Linh is a travel-lifestyle blog and it will encompass a little bit of everything. It will be about my daily inspirations, my dreams, life in my 20s, my new adventures in new cities, and experiencing things greater than myself. I hope to capture the joys of an ambitious girl who is still trying to find more of herself while also trying to conquer this little world of hers!

I appreciate you taking the time to indulge in the content on my blog! Take a look around and maybe you will find something worth your while.

Yours truly, Linh


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